About Us

I grew up a pretty typical, active Southern Californian—I spent my summers in the water and my winters on the slopes. It was after I graduated from UC Irvine that I discovered my ability to run long distances. Quickly I progressed from a casual fitness runner to a serious, 80+ mile-per-week runner trying to win local races. Soon I was swimming daily and riding 300-400 miles-per-week, too. With all of those miles, I was injured….a LOT!!
During one of those 100 mile running weeks, I developed hip bursitis. The antiinflammatories from my general practitioner only gave temporary relief, and physical therapy and massage hadn’t helped at all. Relucantly, I drove up to Los Angeles to be treated by a chiropractor—I had never even met a chiropractor before.  After treating me twice that first day, the pain was gone. In the course of a few hours I went from being in too much pain to stand to being able to play a pickup game of basketball.

Over the years of competing, I had a chiropractor that I would see when I was in L.A., one for San Diego county, one for the Big Island and one for Colorado. Those doctors taught me enough about my own body that I took the next logical step and enrolled in chiropractic college. While at Southern California University of Health Sciences, I made the Dean’s List every term and graduated cum laude.

Nowadays, I try to do what that first doctor did for me: help people to get out of pain quickly and teach them a little bit about how their body works.

Amber, Gunnar and Dr. Scott

Even though I no longer have a chance to win races, I still compete around town in any race I can find—running, mountain biking, triathlons, paddleboarding, open water swims. My competitive instinct may have dulled a bit, but now I get to enjoy being active with my family. If you don’t see me in the office, look for me paddleboarding or running with my wife and son.