Carlsbad 5000-You win, you win twice!

My wife asked me why I am doing this. In the ‘old’ days, it would’ve been to beat a lot of people and maybe rub their noses in it a bit. In my current, older, more mature and much slower years, I need an excuse to run 5 races as hard as possible. So, here are the details:

On April 3, I will be running the All Day 25k at the Carlsbad 5000.  The All Day 25k has me running each of the 5 age group races (not racing against the elite fields or the wheelchair division). If you fill in the form below BEFORE April 3 and you beat my time in the same race (eg: if you are running the Female 29 and under race, you must beat my time in that same F29&U race), you win a free chiropractic, Active Release Technique®, Kinesio/RockTaping or strength and rehab session.

Here are my rules:

1)You have to actually beat my time–this means faster “chip time” at the finish, not just “gun time” finish.

2)You have to check in with me before the race–it’s only fair that I know my competition. Fill in your name and contact info below.

3)If I fail to start due to sickness, injury, etc., you win by default.

4)If we tie (same time), tie goes to you.

5)Same heat racing only–your time has to beat my time in the same heat/race.

6)Non-transferable–sorry, you can’t give away your win to someone else.

7)Use it or lose it–come in for your appointment before May 1, 2011 or it expires (and no, it does not have a redeemable cash value).

8)This challenge is open to both current/previous and new patients.

9)Only 1 win per person–if you’re also racing in all 5 races, you have the opportunity to beat me 5 times, but only to win one freebie.

Okay, here’s the form: