Frequently Asked Questions

How long do appointments take?
Initial exam/treatments require approximately 50-60 minutes, while follow up treatments require 25-40 minutes.

Will I receive treatment at my first appointment?
Of course! As long as we aren’t referring you for additional testing (MRI, CT Scan, etc.) or to a specialist, you will be treated on your first appointment.

That seems like a long time for a treatment. What will we be doing for that time?
I work one-on-one with my patients for the entire visit. I do not believe in handing off my patients to an aide for the bulk of their treatment.

I’ve heard once you go to a chiropractor that you have to keep going to feel good. Do I have to keep coming back forever?
Don’t get me wrong….I really do like spending time with you. Honestly! Though I don’t want to do it 3 times per week for 8 weeks! My goal is to help you as quickly as possible. For 1/3 of my patients, that means 1 treatment. For the remaining 2/3 of my patients, the average is about 4 treatments. I’ve spent years establishing a reputation of getting patients back on their feet really quickly. And I am proud that this reputation has led to countless referrals from medical doctors, physical therapists, dentists, et al.

Can I come back for more treatments even if I’m not in pain?
Of course. I never turn patients away. I also do not want you to feel any pressure that you have to come in for treatments.

Do I have to have x-rays taken?
If we suspect a fracture or other serious pathology, then yes, I will refer you for imaging. We do not have x-ray on site because: 1) we use it very infrequently and 2)hospital x-ray equipment (Hoag Hospital, Saddleback Hospital and Mission Hospital) is the best imaging equipment with the lowest possible radiation dose. Because one of my concerns about x-ray is radiation dosage, I always prefer to send my patients to facilities with the newest (and most expensive) imaging equipment.

I don’t like to have my neck popped. Do I have to have this done?
Of course not! No service or procedure is ever forced upon a patient. If you have a neck problem, we can offer several approaches to address your symptoms.

Do adjustments hurt?
When performed correctly on a relaxed patient, no.

Does Active Release Technique hurt?
Well, that depends on your definition of “hurt”.  I tell patients that I only allow “good” pain in the office. I equate “good” pain to a strong stretching sensation. But no, “bad” pain is never allowed in my office. Ultimately, all decisions of your care are left to you. We provide the guidance and expertise, but you make the final decision.

Will I receive exercises during or after my visit?
Definitely. We won’t force you to perform anything you don’t want to do, but much of the rapid improvement that my patients experience is due to our prescribed exercises.

Do you only treat athletes?
No, athletes—and that is a very malleable term—comprise about 75% of our patient base. This means that 1/4 of our patients are “normal” people. And only 20% of our patients are professional or elite level athletes. The remainder are like me: weekend warriors with a real job.

Do you treat children?
Yes, though with that stated, I am not a pediatric specialist. Nearly every child I have treated has presented with a sports injury (diving, soccer, baseball, skating, equestrian, etc.). Depending on your child’s condition and diagnosis, I may refer him/her to a specialist better suited to that type of care.

Do I need a referral for treatment?
No. While some HMO plans require referrals to chiropractors, we are not a provider for any of those plans. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott, just use our online scheduler, call, text or email us.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept nearly all PPO and POS plans, including UMR PPO, United Health Care PPO, Aetna PPO and POS, Blue Cross PPO and Blue Shield PPO. For all PPO or POS plans, we can bill as out-of-network providers or simply charge you with our time of service discount…whichever is better for you.

Do you accept Personal Injury cases?
Yes. We can bill whatever insurance company is involved (liability insurer, automobile insurance, etc.) or can accept lien based claims on a case by case basis.