Saddleback Trail Marathon Contest

Here’s the latest offering for free treatment at my office: beat me at the November 5 Saddleback Trail Marathon and you get a free treatment! All you have to do is check in with me at our Facebook Page anytime before the race. Then, once you have beaten my time on race day, you have earned a free session (chiropractic, Active Release Technique, Graston, et al) at my office!!! Here are the details (same rules I have used in previous challenges):

1)Sign up for the race (duh!). Click HERE for the link.

2)You have to check in with me before the race–it’s only fair that I know my competition. Post a comment under the “challenge” on our Facebook Page.

3)If I fail to start due to sickness, injury, etc., you win by default.

4)If we tie (same time), tie goes to you.

5)You have 1 month (until December 6, 2011) to use your “winnings” (and no, it does not have a redeemable cash value).

6)Non-transferable–sorry, you can’t give away your win to someone else.

7)This challenge is open to both current/previous and new patients.