Abdominal and Groin Strain

Abdominal injuries can include strains of the rectus abdominus, interior and exterior oblique and transverse abdominus muscles, as well as tears to the inguinal ligament, iliopsoas muscle group and the tendons inserting any of these structures onto the pelvis and ribs.

The toughest of these conditions to resolve are abdominal hernias, also know as a sportsman’s hernia or a Gilmore’s groin. In this injury, the rectus abdominus muscle is torn away from the pubis bone. When there is a significant amount of tearing, surgery is generally indicated (which involves sewing a plastic or metal mesh to support the torn structure). The prognosis for recovery from this procedure is pretty poor.

If caught early enough, a thorough course of Active Release Technique and intensive core strengthening has been shown to save many patients from the surgical alternative.