Shoulder Pain

Painful and limited shoulder mobility is a common complaint in our office. It is most commonly seen in throwers, tennis players, paddlers and swimmer. The shoulder is an aerobatic joint, meaning it is a joint suspended by muscle. This gives the shoulder great mobility and function, but can also make it susceptible to injury. Shoulder impingement syndromes can often be helped with Active Release Technique to the ligaments and muscles of the shoulder.

Tendinitis is painful with muscular effort in a pinpoint location of the shoulder.  We evaluate the patient to uncover the particular tendons that have become scarred and inflamed, and apply Active Release Technique to resolve the condition.

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome can last for many months and can occur from micro tearing in the Rotator Cuff muscles.  These tears become inflamed and scar over, which can reduce range of motion of the shoulder.  Locating the specific areas of scarring and lengthening the injured muscles can play an important role in resolving this difficult condition.

Key in the treatment of any shoulder condition is a determination of strength and range of motion imbalances. Once we have helped the patient return to a “balanced” and symmetrical state, the symptoms generally have resolved.