Swimming and Paddling Injuries

With such a strong background as a swimmer, long distance triathlete and ocean paddler, I have treated a LOT of swimming and paddling injuries. As one might expect, the bulk of these problems involve the shoulder, neck or both. The most common conditions I treat are: neck and headache pain from the upper trapezius and levator scapulae, and shoulder pain from rotator cuff strength imbalances or scapular muscle tightness. That stated, it is not uncommon to treat either sort of waterman/woman for a low back, knee or hip injury.

The key aspects of successfully treating watermen and waterwomen is: 1)complete understanding of the sport/activity in which they participate; 2)determination of strength and range of motion imbalances; and 3)a vigorous and well-thought home exercise plan. Our experience is that a strong majority of these types of injuries respond very quickly when treated with Active Release Technique and a complete strength rehabilitation program.